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  • open

    logo design

    jrhouse22 $100 - $250 USD 13 days 15 h ago 1days 8h 0 Bids

    Skills: Logo Design

    Hello! My name is Joseph,Our company need a creative logo for our store which sells electronics, phones and so on. For the kind of brand we are building, we understand how important we look. From the logo to our uniform. The logo forms...

  • frozen

    5 page Wordpress Site

    DMacPhie Rs.750 - Rs.2000 INR 149 days 5 h ago Expired 2 Bids

    Skills: Website Design, Wordpress

    Hi, Looking for a 5 page Wordpress site to be build. Total cost of budget is 1500 Rs. Please contact me for more details. Thanks

  • frozen

    Redesign a wordpress website

    xephotography Rs.2000 - Rs.5000 INR 265 days 4 h ago Expired 0 Bids

    Skills: Website Design, PHP, Wordpress

    I am looking for a coder with a good experience in WP Elementor to redesign my website, add images, map and change sliders. Please only bid if you can provide wp design samples.

  • frozen

    Looking for experts

    pit077 $100 - $250 USD Oct 29, 2019 Expired 0 Bids

    Skills: Business Plans

    A USA company needs a business partner, send me a mail on ( [REMOVED] ) for details

  • frozen

    website designer

    gopalsoni894 Rs.750 - Rs.2000 INR Oct 26, 2019 Expired 0 Bids

    Skills: Website Design

    I need someone can redesign my website(just frontend, content, tempelete) i need someone can work directly on hosting penal via team viewer and get this done live in a day if you can do this let me know, i will finize the design and...


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