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  • open

    Appointment Setter

    shamamawork Rs.500 - Rs.750 INR 6 days 23 h ago 8days 0h 0 Bids

    Skills: Telemarketing

    We are actively looking for an individual who wants to work from home and book appointments for me, its a long term project. Timing: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm (EST). Must have experience working in Eastern timezone. Will use...

  • open

    Graphic Designer

    lazaromelo $30 - $100 USD 10 days 0 h ago 4days 23h 2 Bids

    Skills: Logo Design

    I am looking for graphic designer who can design Logo perfectly.

  • open


    Vibeacure $2000 - $5000 USD 15 days 15 h ago 14days 8h 0 Bids

    Skills: Sales

    Sales professionals required to market innovative German technology within the healthcare fraternity. The technology helps in treating Neuro and allied Degenerative ailments and disorders through SRT (Stochastic Resonance Therapy)....

  • frozen

    Emailer and Campign

    Kalyanip Rs.500 - Rs.750 INR 33 days 2 h ago Expired 0 Bids

    Skills: Content Writing

    - Draft 2 e-mailer to 1 lakh customers of any other broking firm so as to attract/push them to open an account -An Article on How you can save cost with Discount brokers - SEO friendly should contain meta title, keywords headline...

  • frozen

    Photoshop Editing to Create Images for Website( US only)

    Alston1124 $30 - $100 USD 63 days 3 h ago Expired 1 Bids

    Skills: Logo Design, Javascript, Website Programming

    I have several pictures for my new website design using existing photos I have but placing me on s speaking stage speaking in front of an audience I'm looking for images that can be used in a website and in marketing media that feature...


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