Looking for a website designer either wordpress designer

Posted Oct 28, 2021 | Time Left Expired | Expires on Oct 31, 2021 Urgent
  • Bids: 1
  • Budget: $750 - $2000 USD
  • Frozen

Project Description

We need a website designer for a law firm that has been running for more than 8 years without a website. we need an experienced person to design it within 5 days as we need it up an sunning by the 3rd of november
Category: Design & Multimedia
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johny372 United States

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Total Bids (1)

  • Avg: $2,000.00 USD
  • High: $2000 USD
  • Low: $2000 USD
  • $2,000 USD in 15 day (Negotiable)
    Submitted: Oct 28 , 2021 1:53 pm
    Bid ID: 31488