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I wrote this idea back a long while ago and it's going to be the four part eight hour limited romantic mystery broadcast TV drama series with a melodramatic ending and no action sequences.

That's why I call it ''Aurora''

And I would love it if you get involved. It goes like this:

Logline: Their perfect lives ends in murder.

Synopsis: Two middle class brothers come across the beloved hooker girl at her mansion in Miami and one of them falls in love with the same woman while another has a hidden secret and threatens to kill her. When he kills her he escapes with her money in her suitcase. As the police arrest him they take him to custody and put him to trial where he is convicted for her murder and the judge sentences him to life without parole. His brother will not speak to him again after that.

What do you think?

This story is set in and around Miami in Florida.

The script hasn't been written yet so this has to be done.

The shooting is expected to begin next year in Miami in Florida.

Please apply if you are up for it.
Category: Writing & Translation
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