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Post A Project

1 Project Title

Choose a title that best describes your project.

2 Project Description

Provide a detailed description of the project and exactly how you want it.

3 File Attachment

Attach files that are relevant to the project if necessary.

4 Project Categories

Make sure to select only the appropriate categories that best suit your project.

5 Project Budget

Provide amount range that you are willing to pay for the completed project.

6 Bidding Duration

This is the number of days that you want the project to be available for bidding.

Choose Freelancer

1 Invite Freelancers

Browse our Freelance Professionals Directory to find the freelancer you would like to invite to bid on your project. Click the "invite to bid" link.

2 Choose Freelancer

Receive competing Proposals from freelancers. Then you simply select the freelancer that you feel best fits your requirements.

3 Award Project

Hire the exact person you're looking for. Award the project to the bidder and let the work begin!

Pay Freelancer

1 Approve project

Approve the project and pay directly to freelancers who work for you when you 100% satisfied. Unlike our competitors, we never charge commissions or a service fee.

2 Close the project

Make sure before closing the project that you received all the deliverables and you or your client approved the project. Make sure all unfinished project activities are completed and finish off all accounting procedures including paying final bills and fulfilling all contracts between you and the Freelancer.

3 Write a review

After the project is completed please rate and write a review for the Freelancer.

Browse projects

Browse freelance projects in various work fields including programming, web development, design, writing, data entry & more.

Place bid

Place Bid on hundreds of active projects your choice. Start bidding on freelance projects that you are qualified for. Bidding on freelance projects are absolutely FREE!!!

Accept offer

If you are selected by the project owner, you will be required to accept the offer before you are actually awarded the project.

Deliver completed project

Deliver the project as per the agreement made between you and the project owner.

Get paid for project

Receive payment directly form client. Keep 100% of earnings – we never charge commissions or a service fee. After the project is completed please rate and write a review for the Employer.